Saturday, 16 July 2011

Dilly's introduction

My names Dylan The Faithful AKA Dilly I'm a 2 year old Westie looking for fun. I live with my adoptive mummy and my little sis Freyja.
I'm a lucky Westie as i get to see my Westie mum whenever i want,I love spending days with my mummy and my Westie family
 Westie mum Meg she is a beauty and top dog at granny's the queen bee!

Uncle Max   (AKA Mad Max) don't trust the photo he's a crazy hound. Ball obsessed water obsessed wont let any of us near our paddling pool when it out

Older sister Daisy typical pushy older sister sigh always telling me she's the boss yeah right we all know I'm the boss how could i not be!

Baby sister Freyja my shadow and mummy says trouble maker

And finally me Dilly

Me and Freyja spend long days keeping mummy on her toes! Got to keep mummy occupied  or she'd get bored ain't i devilish. Mummy jokes im part angel and part demon lol

Double Trouble me and Freyja

Well i hope you like my first attempt at blogging and my introduction to my family bye bye for now